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I - The intention  

II- The love of nature  

III- Transmission

IV- Respect  

V- The value of the unique  

VI- Sublimate memories


Roc was born from a passion for old objects, having lived several lives.​​ These small relics with an unknown past history...


The omnipresent nature in the universe of ROC is where it takes its name but also where it draws its various inspirations.  It celebrates nature in all its forms and imperfections.


All our jewels are made in noble materials such as 925 silver and 18k gold, to be able to last over time and to be transmitted in turn.


The planet offers us wonders, gold, silver, stones…it is important for me to preserve it as well as possible on our scale. This is why I make jewelry only on demand. As the brand is still young, my desire is to minimize my impact as much as possible, which is why I am always looking for responsible processes, with the minimum use of the superfluous.


Because the jewel is an extension of oneself, the jewels are deliberately not very polished, indeed it is with their use, that your jewels will become more and more brilliant, it is their wearing which will come to give them their final patina, that of your use.


“Our wealth is our memories.”

I try to sublimate the memories of an era, a place, through objects steeped in history, through coins but also through the reproduction of elements that cross my path, transcribed through jewelry by materials and textures.

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