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Return and exchanges

ROC jewelry is handcrafted in Paris using artisanal techniques. They are designed to last and evolve with you throughout your life.  The color, as well as the patina, will also evolve over time.


Silver 925 is a noble material whose evolution depends on several factors (contact with water, pH of the skin, etc.). It is therefore possible that your jewelry oxidizes naturally. However, it is possible to restore its original shine by cleaning it carefully with a chamois (soon available on our e-shop) and/or by using a specific product designed for this purpose.


To keep your jewelry in the best conditions, here are some recommendations:

- Avoid exposure to cosmetics or perfumes.
- Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures.
- Handle your jewelry with care to avoid scratching it.
- Avoid shocks or dropping your jewelry. 
- Do not wear them when playing sports, going to the pool, the sea or the sauna / steam room.

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